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The music for The Divine Comedy movies will involve musicians of the highest artistic caliber with an excellent record in soundtrack composition. The purpose of a good soundtrack is to completely transport the audience to Dante's journey. The music along with a great script, will transform this movie into an experience of itself rather than just one more film to see in the theaters.

The two cue samples of music for this project below were composed by Gordon McGhie (first cue) and David Noble (second cue) and both directed by Boris Acosta.

The First cue titled "Mountain Foothill" refers to this passage written by Dante on the first canto of Inferno:

Click here to visit our Store!In the middle of the journey of our life, I re-found myself, in a dark wood, where the direct way was lost. .........

The time was at the beginning of the morning, and the sun was mounting up with all those stars, that were with him when Divine Love first moved all delightful things, so that the hour of day, and the sweet season, gave me fair hopes of that creature with the bright pelt. But not so fair that I could avoid fear at the sight of a lion, that appeared, and seemed to come at me, with raised head and rabid hunger, so that it seemed the air itself was afraid; and a she-wolf that looked full of craving in its leanness, and, before now, has made many men live in sadness. She brought me such heaviness of fear, from the aspect of her face, that I lost all hope of ascending. And as one who is eager for gain, weeps, and is afflicted in his thoughts, if the moment arrives when he loses, so that creature, without rest, made me like him: and coming at me, little by little, drove me back to where the sun is silent.


The Second cue titled "The Judecca" refers to this passage written by Dante on canto 33 of Inferno:

Click here to visit our store with this image!Vexilla Regis prodeunt inferni, the banners of the King of Hell advance towards us: so look in front of you to see if you discern him, said my Master (VIRGIL). I seemed to see a tall structure, as a mill, that the wind turns, seems from a distance, when a dense mist breathes, or when night falls in our hemisphere, and I shrank back behind my guide, because of the wind, since there was no other shelter.

I had already come, and with fear I put it into words, where the souls were completely enclosed, and shone through like straw in glass. Some are lying down, some stand upright, one on its head, another on the soles of its feet, another bent head to foot, like a bow.

When we had gone on far enough, that my guide was able to show me Lucifer, the monster who was once so fair, he removed himself from me, and made me stop, saying: Behold Dis, and behold the place where you must arm yourself with courage. Reader, do not ask how chilled and hoarse I became, then, since I do not write it, since all words would fail to tell it. I did not die, yet I was not alive. Think, yourself, now, if you have any grain of imagination, what I became, deprived of either state.

The emperor of the sorrowful kingdom stood (LUCIFER), waist upwards, from the ice, and I am nearer to a giant in size than the giants are to one of his arms: think how great the whole is that corresponds to such a part. If he was once as fair, as he is now ugly, and lifted up his forehead against his Maker, well may all evil flow from him. O how great a wonder it seemed to me, when I saw three faces on his head! The one in front was fiery red: the other two were joined to it, above the centre of each shoulder, and linked at the top, and the right hand one seemed whitish-yellow: the left was black to look at, like those who come from where the Nile rises. Under each face sprang two vast wings, of a size fit for such a bird: I never saw ships sails as wide. They had no feathers, but were like a bats in form and texture, and he was flapping them, so that three winds blew out away from him, by which all Cocytus was frozen. He wept from six eyes, and tears and bloody spume gushed down three chins.


NOTE: If for some reason you cannot play the cues above, visit our MySpace official soundtrack page here.

A large number or musicians have used The Divine Comedy name in ways completely unrelated to Dante's work, only to attract attention. It may be that some have done so appropriately, but up to now, we have not heard any music directly related to this piece of art. So, if anyone has composed any music for The Divine Comedy, please let us know.