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First Movie - Inferno
There is NOT just one movie in the works, but a trilogy that separates each of the main parts in The Divine Comedy - Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, into three movies. However, for the time being, we'll concentrate on the first movie, Inferno.

Click here to view and print an enlarge version of Inferno's map.The Divine Comedy - Inferno movie, begins by depicting Dante's life with Beatrice and their all-encompassing love for one another. Afterwards, it moves on to Dante's journey through the afterlife. Dante is conducted through Inferno on his way to Purgatory and Paradise by Virgil, who has been sent to him by Beatrice. Together Dante and Virgil enter the Gate of Hell and in the highest degree are the scenes that follow. On they go through the various circles. Dante views with undisguised horror the torment. to which those who have wrought evil in this world are subjected. Now they are pursued by demons, now led by an angel, and yet again assisted in their progress by descending to a lower pit on the hack of Geryon, whose "face the semblance of a just man wore, so kind and gracious was its outward cheer; the rest was serpent all.” At last they reach the lowest circle, where "Lucifer, that emperor who sways the realm of sorrow, at mid breast from the ice stood forth.” Then Dante and Virgil climb up once more into the light of day.

Hell is divided into three main parts: that outside the river Acheron, where the souls of those who through weakness did neither good nor evil reside; that between Acheron and the walls of the City of Dis, where those who have sinned by all kinds of fleshy lust are punished; and lastly the city of Dis itself, within which are those who have sinned despite God or their neighbors, this group being devided into those who have committed sins of violence and those who have committed sins of fraud. There is also, just within Acheron, a limbus or border, where those souls who have died without the knowledge of God reside, and those souls are not punished, but abide without hope. At the lowest point of Hell, and at the corner of the Earth, is Lucifer. See illustration and click on it to enlarge it.

The plan for this series of movies is to involve the best director, actors and actresses and the best professionals of Hollywood and the rest of the world.

The main actors will be Italian or of Italian heritage. However, the cast of over 80 speaking characters and hundreds of extras will be from all corners of the world. The later is because Dante did not write The Divine Comedy just for Italians but also for the whole world and these movies should reflect this fact in their cast.

Stay tuned and visit us often as we'll update this website with news on the pre and post production of this great movie to come.

The Divine Comedy movies will break new grounds in film making and movie theater experience. Please visit Master Films Productions website to learn more about the development of this project.